What is Materials Engineering

          The future of tomorrow depends upon technologies not yet invented. New materials have been central to the improvement in quality of life of human since the beginning of history and always open the path to new technologies. Materials Engineers are always be at the forefront of all science and engineering areas including civil, mechanical, electrical, biomedical, chemical, construction, aeronautical, agricultural or nuclear engineering. We learn the influence of structure of materials, from atomic to macroscopic level, on their useful properties. We control this structure and their properties by the processing of the material. We invent new materials or enable the available materials to perform their tasks in the most effective way with an economical and societal responsible manner. 
          Such innovation requires mastery of the fundamental understanding of the relationships between properties, structure, processing and performance, as well as mastery of practical technical skills. At the Department of Materials Engineering, we offer a unique educational opportunity for students, in undergraduate and graduate levels, to explore and achieve excellence in both through rigorous classes and participating in cutting edge research.